Steel Cut Oats with Raspberries, Bananas & Walnuts


2 cups steel cut oats

¾ cup 100% pure maple syrup

1 tbsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. baking powder

1 cup raspberries

1 cup chopped walnuts

1 tbsp. vanilla extract

2 cups nonfat milk (or almond)

1 egg

1 medium sliced banana



  • Preheat oven to 350o.Spray 9x13 baking dish with non-stick spray.

  • Combine oats, maple syrup, cinnamon and baking powder in mixing bowl.Make sure to stir well to coat all the oats and mix ingredients. Add the walnuts and ½ the raspberries.Mix well.

  • Place oat mixture into 9x13 dish and spread to cover entire pan.

  • Combine vanilla, milk, and egg.Beat until thoroughly combined.

  • Spread milk/egg mixture over top of oats.

  • Arrange remaining raspberries and banana over top of mixture.

  • Bake 35 – 40 minutes.


Nutritional Information:

Calories: 313; Saturated fat: 2g; Mono fat: 2g; Poly fat: 8g; Cholesterol: 28mg; Sodium: 99mg; Carb: 45g; Fiber: 5g; Sugars: 21g; Protein: 8g

Mexican Orzo

Makes 10 1 cup servings:

1/2 box barilla orzo pasta
1.5 cups red/yellow peppers, chopped
1 cup onions, chopped
1 can rinsed black beans
1 can rinsed kidney beans
2 tbsp. cilantro, chopped
1 cup frozen peas
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. lime juice
salt and pepper to taste


1.  Cook Orzo according to directions on package.
2.  While Orzo is cooking, chop peppers, onions, and cilantro add to large bowl.
3.  Rinse and drain black beans and kidney beans and add to bowl.
4.  Add frozen peas.
5.  When Orzo is done cooking drain and add to bowl.  Thoroughly mix all ingredients.
6.  Drizzle salad with olive oil and lime juice, add salt and pepper, mix again.
7.  Cover and refrigerate for approximately 3 hours before serving.

Nutritional Information per serving:  182 calories; 2.2 grams fat; 0 cholesterol; 167 mg sodium; 36 grams carbs; 7 grams fiber; 4 grams sugar;

9 grams protein

Sassy Water


8.5 cups of water

1 cucumber peeled and sliced thinly (I often use half of an english cucumber)

1 sliced lemon

1 teaspoon grated ginger

handful of mint


Add all ingredients together.  Let sit overnight in fridge.

Strain in the morning and drink throughout the day.




Supports Weight Loss - Sassy water can make you feel full on few calories because each batch provides 2 liters of

water and only about 50 calories.


Source of Fiber - The lemon provides 2.4 g dietary fiber, and the cucumber adds another 1.4 g. Dietary fiber comes from

the parts of plant foods that your body cannot digest, and eating a high-fiber diet may help you control your weight. Fiber

may reduce your risk for heart disease because it lowers levels of cholesterol in your blood, and it promotes more stable

blood sugar levels because it prevents spikes in your blood sugar. Dietary fiber may prevent constipation because it has

a laxative effect.


Soothes Stomach - Each batch of contains 1 tsp. fresh, grated ginger for soothing your gastrointestinal tract and making your stomach feel calmer.


Healthy Nutrients - The lemon in each batch provides 45 mg vitamin C, or 75 percent of the daily value. Sassy water promotes a healthy blood pressure because it is nearly free from sodium, and it provides about 400 mg potassium from the lemon and cucumber.


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