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Eat The Rainbow: Getting Nutrition Back on Track with Kim Concra - LDN

I know that we all love a good beige plate every now and then - fettuccine alfredo with garlic bread, I’m looking at you! But we were so thankful to have a little lesson in nutrition with Kim Concra, LDN - and we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t share some of her most valuable tips! 

For a reliable way to get more nutritious food into your daily life, just remember: “Eat the Rainbow!” 

Adding foods with color also adds: fiber, vitamins & minerals into your body. Why is this so important? 

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GO: Carbs - energy to carry you through your day! Running to a virtual meeting? Squeezing in an online spin class? Finally able to get out and attend a party? Carbs will give you the “go” to get there! 

GLOW: Phitonutrients and antioxidants - beneficial not just for “inside” health, but also for skin, hair, and eye health among others! 

GROW: Proteins - Essential for cell repair, but not just for body builders! After a morning of gardening, fishing, or chasing the kids along the socially distanced beaches, protein can help mend and strengthen muscles to ensure they’re strong enough for next time! 

Subtle shifts can help you get there! 

One and Done - Adding one thing to a dish is a great way to start to see more of the rainbow on your plate - shredded carrots to a turkey & cheese sandwich, beans to a salad (tip: rinse the beans before adding for 80% less sodium!) or berries to your morning yogurt or oats 

Protein Prep - cook proteins like shredded chicken, steak tips or quinoa in a large batch over the weekend to have all week for an easy addition to any sandwich, salad or pasta dish!  

Kiddie Friendly - To satisfy all ages your house may have, try some less-stress options for a midweek meal! 

Yoyo meal - “You’re On Your Own” a meal idea suitable for older children (and spouses!) 

Fridge Raid - a favorite in our house - set all leftover containers on the counter and pile them on a plate! Just last week we wound up with garlic veggies, homemade pizza, tofu dumplings and salad greens on the same plate! 

Cold Dinner - As this heat wave hits and its just too hot to turn on the oven at the end of a long day, a cold pasta salad - made with fruit or veg! Can be a tasty, nutritious rainbow meal capable of being put together in almost no time!

Which of Kim's clever tricks will you be adding to your kitchen time? What are some of YOUR helpful tips to add more color into your daily meals? Be sure to let us know!

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