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Have You Ever Wanted to Run?

Have you ever wanted to run? Like really run. Maybe a 5k, maybe more. Maybe just a daily runner? Has it been on your mind for a long time? Or maybe just a short one? I never thought I would run, nonetheless become a running coach! I remember the days of “why would I run if I could walk” and I laugh because I feel the exact opposite now. There is something so freeing about throwing on your sneakers and tackling some miles, any miles! Don’t get me wrong I have had my ups and downs with running, but I never lost the love of the run.

One of my favorite jobs in the entire world is to instruct my Beginner Runner Couch to 5k class. I will tell you that there is something so rewarding in watching strong women and men accomplish a task that they did not think was possible. So much mental strength (90%) as well as physical strength is required, and it is an amazing 9-week journey that I am privileged to be along with my new runners. Our team approach, I believe, is what makes our runners successful. So much support and encouragement truly helps along the way plus knowing you are not alone makes a world of difference.

Here are some of the reasons why beginners fail when left to their own accord:

  • Being too Ambitious: running too fast, too far, or too many days

  • Forgetting Rest days

  • Ignoring Form: developing aches and pains

  • Running Too Fast

  • Believing Your Sneakers Are Immortal

  • Not Fueling Properly

  • Not Hydrating Properly

We will help you with all of the above. You may not learn to love running like me but with a little help along the way I hope you will at least enjoy the journey! Hope to see you soon!

Our next Beginner Run Program starts on Tuesday, August 18th - Couch to 5k 9 week run/walk interval program to help you achieve your goal of running 3.1 miles! Click here to register and join us for one of my favorite programs! Remote attendance is also available for those who prefer to "Zoom In," for this program! Train alongside us from anywhere!

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