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Life is Open: Finding Inner Peace with Olivia Miller

"Peace: it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It's being in the midst of those and still being able to be calm within your heart." - unknown

Recently we were able to sit down with Olivia Miller of OHMWorks to discuss meditation, breath work and embracing the moment; here are a few gems Olivia left us with:

Breathing: slow your breath and slow your mind. Find a few spare moments in every day - it doesn't have to be the same moments, and they don't always have to last the same amount of time. In these moments breathe deep and tune in to how those breaths feel within you. You may yawn, and that's okay - that's just the stale air being exchanged for fresher. As you inhale think: inspiration. Bring in thoughts, feelings, mantras even that allow you to feel fulfilled and inspired, no matter how silly or small. As you exhale, think: relaxation. Allow yourself to let go of any thoughts, feelings or emotions that aren't serving you positively. Honor them by accepting their existence, but then, politely exhale them from your being. On your inhales, fill yourself with goodness; and on the exhales, let go of all the discomforts.

Gratitude: speaking of filling up with goodness, the main goodness in our lives can often be self-made: gratitude. It's pretty impossible to be unhappy when you think of the things that you are truly, irrevocably grateful for. Like these moments in the day, they can vary in significance and size. It could be that you're grateful for hitting mostly green lights on your way to the office or that the plants on your work-from-home desk bring just a bit of the outside in to you during your day in this "new normal."

Worry: simple and to the point, Olivia's words rang true when she'd confided in us that worrying is a waste of imagination. All that mental energy used to focus on the "should've, could've, would've" statements that we generate for ourselves on the daily detracts from our creative imaginations.

The next time you're feeling overwhelmed by thoughts that might not be helping you embrace your potential, take a few moments to breathe deep and get inspired!

For more information, visit OHMWorks to connect with Olivia!

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